1. I finally have over 200 items listed! I’ve reduced prices on a bunch of stuff too. go check it out! 


  2. rooftop cat on Flickr.

    Polaroid Spectra System
    PZ680 film / triple image filter

  3. graceland cemetery 

  4. the rooftop cats

    these cats live in a hole in the garage next door, conveniently right outside my kitchen window. I’ve been feeding them tuna and cat food. The little grey one is the only one brave enough to come hang out on my windowsill. 

  5. https://www.etsy.com/shop/elizamoonbeamvintage

    LBD, sunflower windbreaker, tommy hilfiger shoes, and light wash shortalls 

    new listings coming SO SOON. just need to finish editing photos and taking measurements. FINALLY GOT A NEW LAPTOP CHARGER.

  6. untitled on Flickr.

  7. untitled on Flickr.

    Polaroid Spectra System
    Expired 2005

    I bought 4 12 packs of expired spectra film on ebay. I took an entire pack in one day, and only 6 of them actually came out.

    my laptop charger was broken for almost a month and we just got the replacement. needless to say, my 365 is going to be 100% out of order. I am still doing it, but I have no idea how I’m going to get it all up here in an organized fashion. I have so many polaroids, 35mm, and digital to sort out.

    oh and of course, now that i finally have a charger, the internet at my apartment is down. woooo.

    these polaroids were taken of an apartment building that exploded near the place I used to live. pretty scary. it happened right after we moved to our new apartment.

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  15. untitled on Flickr.

    365 update coming soon. sorry for the crooked scan.